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Pretty often, we get charged with overvaluing young players and prospects. The road of thinking is that we dont properly understand the chances of a player flaming out and neglecting to accomplish anything of consequence. Yet, I dont think weve have you been accused of overvaluing Kris Bryant. Around Bryant, theres created a consensus. Kiley ranked him first among Cubs prospects, obviously. Keith Law ranked him first in baseball. ZiPS is in love with Bryant, projecting a .364 wOBA. And Steamer, too, projects a .364 wOBA, exceeding its projections for Adrian Beltre and Robinson Cano. No. Troymaine Pope Jersey 1 ZiPS comp is Evan Longoria. Bryant has yet to experience within the major leagues, but already hes considered an enormous reason the 2015 Cubs must contend for a playoff spot. He probably wont perform they from camp, but he should be kept in before Memorial Day.
What I dont intend to do is try to convince you that Bryant will bust. I dont think Bryant is going to bust. He's uncommonly good, and uncommonly powerful, with power to all fields that comes out of a shorter swing than youd expect. Yet there's one thing about Bryant worth considering as hype is constantly on the build. Hes not a perfect prospect; theres no such thing like a perfect prospect. Every prospect has a flaw, and Bryants is sufficient to enhance the eyebrows. Think of it this way: if Bryant were to disappoint, why might that be? It appears we're able to curently have an indication.
In a means weve recently been through this with George Springer. Not too the Springer story is finished, and never that Springer is definitely an identical kind of hitter to Bryant, however the i sues exactly the same. When people talk about Bryant, they generally do acknowledge the strikeouts. The strikeouts, quite clearly, havent prevented Bryant from putting up minor-league numbers that break leaderboard pages. Whats so interesting is whats right beneath the strikeouts. You probably dont know just how often Kris Bryant has swung in a pitch and mi sed.
Or, contact rate, should you flip it around. Contact rate has a tendency to hover within the high-70s. Thats how it is in the majors. Thats how it's in Triple-A. Thats how it's in Double-A. You expect power hitters, generally, to swing and mi s a bit more often than normal, but Bryant this past year took things toward an extreme.
In Double-A, Bryant batted just shy of 300 times. He posted a me sage rate a hair under 69%, based on Minor League Central. Among players to whom we have data, it was the sixth-lowest contact rate at the level. Bryant, obviously, obliterated the baseball as he hit it, and he were able to draw his walks, but his contact rate was le s than, say, Rymer Lirianos. Joey Gallo showed up at 58%, and that blows Bryant from the water, but when we Terrance Magee Jersey get that Gallo is a boom-or-bust unknown, Bryant isnt that different. Gallo could be sort of a caricature from the profile.
Anyway, forget Double-A. In Triple-A, Bryant also batted just shy of 300 times. He posted a contact rate a hair under 65%, according to the same site. Among players for whom we have data, this was the fourth-lowest contact rate in the level. Somewhat incredibly, le s than two percentage points separated Bryant and Javier Baez. Le s than two percentage points separated Bryant and Brett Jackson. Bryant made contact le s often than Domingo Santana; Jermaine Kearse Jersey Bryant made contact le s often than Carlos Peguero. Bryant, understand, includes a more refined approach. Hes not really a hacker, like Peguero is. However the mi ses are there when he swings. And not simply a little more than average a lot greater than average. Among doubles and dingers, Bryant has been a swing-and-mi s machine.
It hasnt cost him. Bryant owns a four-digit minor-league OPS. Yet the goal isnt to obtain Bryant to destroy the ball within the minors you wonder about how the contact will mean the very highest level of competition. This is when George Springer is pertinent. Springer, in Triple-A, also made about 65% contact. Within the majors like a rookie, 61%. Springer also posted a 127 wRC+ because he was able to maximize the contact he did make, truly you dont bet on a guy hitting more than two times as many homers as doubles and triples. And, Springer hasnt yet even played a complete season. We dont actually know what he is.
Bryants Triple-A contact rate ranks 25th-lowest since 2008. I already noted Springer and Baez. Brandon Hicks has additionally been within the same territory. Somewhat distre singly, additionally you see Mike Olts name, not too Olt has ever drawn just as much praise as Bryant has. In Earl Thomas Jersey case I have to keep i suing reminders, Bryant is the perfect prospect than Olt ever was, but Olt was regarded as a good prospect once upon a time, and contact problems have contributed to his being a disappointment.
If you appear within the majors, since 2002, 23 players have batted at least 1,000 times while posting contact rates no greater than 70%. Of these, only four players are available in below 65% Ru sell Branyan, Wily Mo Pena, Kelly Shoppach, and Mark Reynolds. Only two other players in the group make contact with le s than two-thirds of their swings. This complete pool has averaged a 108 wRC+. The superstars are Jim Thome and Giancarlo Stanton. The le ser stars include Richie Sexson, Jack Cust, Ryan Howard, and later-career Sammy Sosa. Thome may be the ultimate Bryant upside, handedne s be damned, but Thome at their maximum the remainder of his offensive profile. If Bryant is going to keep swinging and mi sing, then if he really wants to be highly productive, he needs to get as much as po sible from his eye and the power.
It helps tremendously that Bryant is powerful to any or all fields. It will help that, despite the fact that he hits a lot of fly balls, he only very seldom pops the ball up. Bryant makes a poor quantity of contact, however with great and borderline unparalleled quality of contact, which is the same conversation weve had about Springer. Yet given Bryants age, its po sible he wont keep whiffing. Though its unusual to visit from being a swing-and-mi s hitter to as being a contact hitter, Bryant doesnt nece sarily need to whiff as much as Chris Davis. This is actually the fun comp: as a rookie in his early 20s, Mike Schmidt struck out 31% of times. The remainder of his career, he struck out just 18% of the time. Aramis Ramirez figured contact out, although he was terribly rushed. Rookie Fred McGriff struck out 29% of the time; non-rookie Fred McGriff struck out 18% of times.
Great players, players with Hall-of-Fame arguments, have started their careers with contact problems. A me sage problem at 22 doesnt need to be a me sage problem at 28. Bryant is a fantastic prospect, and he should become a really helpful everyday player. You simply never want to take anything for granted, and Bryant will be entering the majors from the position where he hasnt made a ton of contact within the minor leagues. Thats an i sue until it isnt one. It isnt a make-or-break i sue. It isnt an argument to bump Bryant down any prospect lists. This J.D. McKissic Jersey just happens to be the flaw. In Triple-A, Kris Bryant whiffed nearly as frequently as Javier Baez did. Thats not the gamer the Cubs want Bryant to be.
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